Monday, October 13, 2008

Free handbag giveaway

This doesn't even require shipping. And you're gonna love the purses!

I had a hard time deciding.


Robin said...

purses, purses and more purses ... I hope you win.

And I hope you begin to "think 'alive' thoughts". So then you will be surrounded by life living thoughts.
Really, con-truly!!

mom/caryn said...

You're right! I do love the handbags. I think it would be a kick to have a lime green bag. I probably wouldn't pay for one, but, I'd definitely carry it around if it was free. If I were buying it, I'd probablyt play it safe and getg a black one of something equally as conservative. Does that translate as boring?

Why is that? If you like something or want something, you whould like it or want it whether you find it at a consignment shop, a thrift store, Walmart, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus or a Main Street Boutique. That's a miore "alive" thought, right?

This was fun. Thanks.

Lin said...

thanks for the free shopping but didn't like any of them...I use shoulder strap bags only don't like to carry one in my hand. fun to shop though and it didn't cost me anything but my time... I have two bags black, and tan to match all my colored clothes...

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