Sunday, February 24, 2008

why sports and exercise is bad

Jordan called me yesterday to tell me that after these years in sports he has a broken bone. From church ball. And it's his face nose bone...not the cartilage. And I told my kids how bad it was to do sports and get exercise. No one ever listens. But here's a pix from day 2...and how he can remedy the situation and get away with it ('s worked for Jack Nicholson all these years!).

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Lin said...

well, well, well, my 42 yr old son frank just broke his nose again playing basketball with friends. he is now recovering from surgery and his nose is 3 times its size, his wife says and painful. not fun. i never would let my boys play football, but soccer and basketball was okay because of its roughness. hope your son heals quickly. aunt lin

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