Saturday, February 02, 2008

Runny Eggs on Toast...or another reason why I miss my mom

From the title, I am assuming some of my readers are skipping this entry. I understand. Some people cannot stomach eggs. But this morning, with Robert and the youth off to Columbus, I have lazed around a bit. What I really wanted was runny eggs on toast as my mom made them but I have never figured out the timing or secret so if you know, let me know.

When I was young and continuing through my older life, when I was sick, I always seemed to love runny eggs on toast. And my mom never was too busy. These were soft cooked eggs in their shells. The toast was always buttered and then cut into small squares. Not separated ... the toast still retained it's shape but it made it easier to eat as the runny eggs soaked into the toast. Small bites. Always with catchup. and I always felt better.

This morning I am not sick. I just wanted runny eggs on toast. But I can't get the timing right on the eggs in the shell and then usually scald my hand on the steam or burn my fingers on the shell. So I just toasted a piece of bread, buttered it, and soft pan fried the egss. Didn't turn out at all but I ate it and sat for awhile remembering how perfect my mom was. In everything. You might ask why I never had her teach me......well.....because I foolishly figured she'd be around forever. Foolish me.


Nicole said...

Hello! I found your blog on Kate's. My grandma made me soft boiled eggs too and served them in a shot glass. She died when I was five and I've only eaten scrambled since. Some things will never be the same as when someone we love makes them.

Lin said...

i can't believe with all your expertise in cooking that you can't make runny eggs on toast. just experiment with a timer how long it takes, i'm sure you can figure it out but maybe what you were really missing was the cook, the loving mom and not the actual eggs. food does leave us lots of fun memories. i remember making tarts with my grandmother from her leftover pastry crust each time she made pies in her wood/coal stove. would love to sit down and eat any of her cooking and just talk a while. do you think we eat in the next life? i do...

Michelle said...

I have many of my Mom and Grandma's recipies and know how to make them, but they still don't taste the same. I think it has something to do with the love that went into the recipies as they were making them for me. Sounds corney I know.

Robin said...

OK ... In a ramikin, put 1/2 t. butter, 1 t. water, crack an egg and put into ramikin, add salt and pepper, 1 t. more water and a tad bit more butter. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and pop into microwave for 40 seconds ... Watch it.. After finished microwaving, let stand for a few more seconds, open plastic wrap carefully because of steam, then spoon out with slotted spoon onto toast. You can microwave longer or shorter for desired amount of runny-ness.
good luck! ummmm we love em'

Anonymous said...


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