Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yesterday the phone rang and my new neighbor invited me to come over and have lunch with her. She works in a school district and had the day off. I laughingly replied that I needed to remember that I now have an educator living next door and to watch more carefully for when she's home so I can have a playmate. After having years when my children would run off with their playmates, it looks like I have a playmate next door who seems so much more normal than any of the former neighbors.

My friend is alone now, having gone through a divorce and moving away from what she knew. How brave, I think. How sad, I can only imagine. But we walked through her house as she showed me what's she's been doing inside and what her plans are. She's a worker! She's industrious to the max! And she's delightful to talk with.

What I totally enjoyed about her home was the emptiness. I bet that sounds strange but she has only a few of the traipsings that clutter people's homes and lives...particularly mine. And I was envious. Years ago, when I was young, my parents would take us on vacations that always included historical sights. My favorite even back then was the Shaker communities. Everything was so limited and so orderly. Even chairs were picked up every night and hung on hooks in case the Second Coming arrived during the night....and everything had to be prepared. It also made it much easier to sweep the floor. I look at some people's homes and altho I enjoy their creativity (and wonder why I lack in that area) I also see the busyness. The clutter. The cobwebs no matter how much they dust. I had a friend whose home is filled to the brim with clutter. She sees it as collection, as primitive, as whatever. But when I get over the feeling of how lovely it is, I always see STUFF.

I got up about 3am to read since I can't sleep. And as I sat at the kitchen table, thinking of my neighbor's home, I decided it's really time to start tossing things away. To not get attached to stuff. Some stuff, yes. All the stuff I have, no!

So I have a playmate who, unknowingly, has inspired me to toss out, give away. I think today's going to be a great day. But check back in tomorrow for something new that's coming that I have NO intention of getting rid of. I'm excited and scared....but that's how it is.


Lin said...

h, think we are up at about the same time...i couldn't sleep either but was anxious about hearing from my baby...youngest son jeff who did write with good news-he's engaged to be married in june to a lovely returned missionary who is a neonatal nurse. they are so happy. she's about 24 and never married, jeff is 25 and divorced about 2 years. they met over the internet.

glad you have a new neighbor who is friendly and shares interests. it's amazing how friends come and go in your life. we can all have an influence for good on other's lives.

i agree about stuff especially papers on my desk that i can't get control of...i have more papers that you can imagine. always fun to unclutter but keep the homey stuff that says this is my/our place and memories of our family. i agree about too many homes that are cutesy.

well, the morning is young or should i say the night is late as it's still dark. i took a nap today...

Kate said...

Fly Lady would be proud :)

Dawn Mercedes said...

Just checking in for that "which you will NOT be giving away." You might want to read this entry: http://bevithia.blogspot.com/2008/02/beauty-from-ashes.html

Bev lost her home to a fire a while ago. You might be inspired by her too.

Emily said...

I am now inspired by you. I keep way too much stuff. And I'm excited about what's coming tomorrow. I'll be checking back!

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