Friday, February 01, 2008

How to get through a Friday

Have lunch with a friend. Robin emailed me and suggested a lunch at 5 Guys in Avon. We met up at noon and her husband, Rob, joined us. I haven't eaten here before but I think we just have to go back. But be warned, the small hamburgers are huge. Do not expect White Castle. We sat before and after Rob chatting and comparing notes on just about everything. It was wonderful. Loved every second of it.

Now (did I blog about this before? Can't recall) the last time I did lunch with Robin, I ended up with a new coat and 2 new pairs of cords. Plus a new restaurant that I just learned today from her is a hangout for gays....I do not have gaydar so I didn't know but I wondered at the "couples" who lunched there that day. At least today I did not add to my closet but I would have liked to.

Instead she DRAGGED me to Malleys cuz she didn't want Cold Stone, my treat. I didn't really want anything at Malleys because I was ready for Cold Stone. But once I stood up at 5 Guys, I realized I wasn't hungry. I bought a couple of candy deals for Robert's lunches and we finally said our goodbyes (not sure she will be successful in getting me back on a bike to join her Bike the MetroParks and die activity).

On the way home, driving east on Detroit Road, enjoying the various building, SUDDENLY there is this huge shingle that advertises Benjamin Hale, DDS. Man! This is Ben's cool office place. Who knew? Not me. So I quickly turned around and sped back, dropped off one of the candies to congratulate him on having his office open for a full year already. And then home.

Now that's how you get through a Friday. Tonight we end it by playing games and having treats with Debby and Gar. This is a great Friday. Loved it.


Kate said...

Love those burgers at 5 Guys! Yum! Your Friday sounds much better than mine spent doing a full detailed scrubbing of the bathroom.

Lin said...

why is it eating out is the best entertainment around? actually we are enjoying not eating out after a week of vacationing, a meal at home is a treat. took a long walk in our sunshine and 50 degree weather. ah-this is the life living in Southern Utah, especially during winter!!!

Tara said...

We love five guys...I have Ben bring us home a couple burgers every once in a while. Thanks for thinking of Ben!

Nikki said...

We love 5 guys too! we go there a lot, last time we got burgers from there we decided that it would be a while before we got the kids things from there. ( they just waste it) so they will Mcdonalds and we will get the good stuff!!

Robin said...

I had the most enjoyable time as well good friend! Thanks for the fun and great conversation!

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