Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My children have always been my biggest gifts. Each one came unwrapped and a total surprise (remember, I'm old and we didn't have those ultra sounds or sonograms or whatever it is you women get to have today to find out early ... son or daughter... for me it was the Draino test). Each, incredibly, increased in value and became very giving and loving adults. Each with a separate identity and personality. And each give so much more to me and Robert than I would have ever guessed as we struggled through diapers, budget, tangled hair, budget, no Terrible Twos thankfully, walking, budget, driving a car, budget, school and college, budget.

And I do mean gift giving. My kids have always managed to find the perfect gift for me. I had a multi-layered construction paper heart that had been sanded into shape which I kept for years but think I returned it to the giver. There was the watch found in the street that no one claimed (there's a reason why you let your kids prowl the neighborhood and sewers!), a HP quilt when I was beginning my HP love, an incredible portable gazebo with all the sides screened in cuz you all know how I do not like the out of doors (but getting it put up is difficult for me....come home child and do it this summer for me). When everyone else was getting a CD player, we were still trying to be happy with our old BOOM BOX with radio and tape. Then, that Christmas, just in college, my child comes home with my first of several Sony CD players (I blogged about that before with pix, even) and it included CDs....the first of the many I have. I particularly enjoy the Regal Cinema gifts cards.....I love going to the movies but seldom get to (see the budget words above?). And I love TV. I love the fact that now I can bring up the ClevNet system for the library on the computer at home, request all the movies I haven't gotten to see, take them out for free and enjoy them. TV for me has always been a form of escape. In fact, for one FHE Robert had the kids draw pictures of what they see their mom doing...and at least 2 of them had me lying on the couch watching TV. At that particular moment I was insulted because they didn't see all the good stuff I did...but years later, I realize that I did enjoy lounging on the couch, watching a TV show and again avoided things (like budget, or tangled hair, or children squabbles).

Well, below you will find the latest in gifts. This is the one I referred to yesterday...the one I have no intention of giving away.

Look through the darkened area and you will see our family room...this is a 50" plasma HDTV. And yes, that is Young Dr. Frankenstein. It wasn't the first thing that played last night after we managed to get all the cables hooked up....that honor belonged to Shrek (for Robert). Nor will it be the last. Wow...all the fun movies that we have watched on our old and faithful set, which was dark and getting darker, which buzzed half the time it was on. This will be like watching HP on the big screen. I'm thrilled. And I'm grateful.

I'm grateful for the gifts of my kids, for their thoughtful and sharing ways (even the Wii that gets brought home so Mom can play), their inventive and creative gift giving (a lesson I had hoped they would learn and did), the fact that so many of their gifts are not material but are time and love and not just to me...but to their own families now, and to their friends and VT/HT routes, to their classes.

So altho this blog entry gets dedicated to the latest gift, the gratitude and thanks and love goes out to all my kids for a lifetime of joy and amazement....

Sorry.....gotta get back to my TV.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

That is a SWEET TV and a really sweet picture! Hooray!

Lin said...

congrats on a job well done in teaching and nurturing children. did i tell you i had a sonongram when i was pregnant with my fourth child and they said it was a girl but i didn't believe them and had my fourth son. enjoy the tv, you worked hard for each moment of leisure and entertainment you find. remember balance in all things, have to sharpen the saw, etc. our rs pres. confessed that she liked to watch movies at night and i support her in that as she uses all her time doing charity never faileth work and is one loving person. she needs down time and me time.

Dawn Mercedes said...

haha...I thought someone drew pix of you sleeping on the couch! All the same, you and dad are the greatest!


amy said...

my kids would draw pictures of me sitting in this very chair i'm in right now staring at the computer or typing on the computer. sometimes i feel guilty, but it's like blogging is my 'pet' project, my own little hobby of sorts. enjoy your tv.

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