Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dawn's Half birthday

For some reason, the only one of my children who remember having a half-birthday and continues to this day is Dawn...I had hoped to put the photo of her on her first half birthday here. It was a great picture with her receiving her teddy bear but apparently, I've given it to her. This is a picture that is very close to the same she' s marveling at the bubbles that her daddy is blowing her way. In honor of her half-birthday, here's a great UnBirthday movie segment.


Dawn Mercedes said...

Oooh! Thanks.

I don't have have a pix of me with a teddy, but maybe it'll show up. C* says he knows why there are so many seats in this video. B/c they do not like to clean up. So, they just change seats! haha.

Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh...we watched the entire thing...C* was right!

Lin said...

how fun, we never celebrated 1/2 birthdays but it would have been fun...lots of good memories, and it's great to have photos to remember them.

Hank said...

hey I wouldn't be so sure about that Marissa and still celebrate ours.

Robin said...

Un-Birthday Parties ... Wonderful Silly Celbrations!!! Of course you had unbirthdays! Thanks for the video presentation. Always love having disney on.

Susan Hatch is an Amazing Gal.

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