Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where the Wild Things Are

Thanks to my creative genius son-in-law, I have this video to post....not for me, but for Emily and her kids. I can't figure out if the argument discussed partly on Hank's blog and more on Another Blog says this is a real movie, a spoof, or plans are in the making for a real movie...but the trailer, real or fake, caught my attention. I'm all for children's stories! But hey...Emily's boys....DO NOT HIT REAL OR IMAGINED MONSTERS, OR BROTHERS, OR PARENTS.


Lin said...

interesting preview. i was at one time an elementary school librarian and loved reading where the wild things are to my students. there are so many great children's books. have you ever seen bryd baylor's books. check them out.

Emily said...

Thanks susan,

We've all been going through the flu for over a week over here and I haven't been on the computer hardly at all. Thankfully I think it has finally passed and I can get back to my dear blogesphere! The little clip was great and if you hear anything else about a movie let me know!

HANK said...

Thanks for compliment Susan. I am not sure either but it seems to me that what we are watching is some preliminary footage. Real or fake I love it too and if it is fake then hopefully someone in the movie industry will run with it.

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