Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tagged Robert before we went to sleep

Gave up watching the BCS game and had some good chat time with Robert. Told him about the Tagging deal on the blog and we decided to find 7 weird things about him...with his help. Lots of chuckling.

1. Esoteric sense of humor. He has the strangest humor. For years the only one in our church who understood his humor and who would laugh out loud was Linda Stafford. It can be dry...almost always. Always soto voce. Sunday he commented about a peculiar penchant LDS have to take their Beehives to the beach. Very few laughed. Rob leaned over to Roger and said, "that's a dry sense of humor." The funniest part is watching the faces of people who can't figure out if they should laugh or not, if he's serious or not, and why is Linda and Susan killing themselves.

2. Dictionary, Words, and Maps. My mom used to say Robert needed a custom built cart, on rollers, that held a dictionary for when Robert visited the "necessary". Robert loves great words and uses them all the time. The men at work know who writes which memo because of the words used...even if they have to look up the words. We have maps everywhere and everywhere we go we have to buy a city street map.

3. Hats. Robert loves hats. Hats of all kinds. I remember the huge Russian fur hat, and the stupid looking red/black plaid lumber jacket type hat with earflaps. I bought him a train conductor's hat because he had one as a child and he loves to wear it. Hats...this past Christmas, Robert, Steve and Ken were to Backpackers Shop to browse. I do not know what hat he found that he liked (tho too expensive for our budget) but he came home and googled hats. Weird on several points...Robert googling, hats, computer, etc.

4. Car. Robert loves the strangest cars, some we've owned, some we haven't but he would if he could. He loves Saabs (and oh the stories I could tell and ought to about Saabs in our lives), and always a VW. Studebakers, Citroen, Jaquar (3 syllables, that one). He has combined 2 VW Rabbits to form one car. And all our cars get named...which is why we have such a difficult time parting with each one.

5. Grass Mowing and Snow Blowing. Robert doesn't care how cold, how blizzardy, how sweltering hot...if a neighbor's grass needs cutting, he cuts it. He would mow the whole neighborhood if he could, if I wasn't outside screaming like a banshee for him to stop. Let a house remain vacant for any amount of time, and the lawns get cut. Then comes the snow...same scenario. Always the sidewalks are done for the kids to walk to school more safely. But driveways are also included. He's a servant and I ought to allow this....I just complain cuz I want him next to me, and not dropped dead from exhaustion in snow bank or a grass pile.

6. Francophilia. Robert, having served his church mission in France and Belgium, kept his language alive and well, loves everything French and for the most part drives most people nuts with his stories. Like newly returned missionaries who rise to report on their foreign missions and can't find the correct English word, Robert does the same. And it truly is no put on. He thinks in French and when he speaks sometimes the French just pops out and he stumbles for the English word. The world seems to hate the French. But not Robert.

7. Screams in movie. Oh can my man scream in movies. Another thing that is NOT a put on. He cannot take the least bit of shock which makes taking him to any movie a real test. I love to see movies but they are ruined for me because I have to prepare myself for the unexpected screams. Here are the places in a few of the movies he has yelled out...and I do mean YELL out in fright:
Dead Poet Society as the boys are walking through the woods and some bird or bat flies over head....
Jurassic Park when the big dinosaur in the bathroom scene attacks the man as well as the moment when the dino gets the fat guy in the car.
Indian in the Cupboard when the rat jumps out from the floor boards, in this instance causing 2 young boys seated in front of us to leap up and over a whole seat, then turning to scowl at us because we are killing ourselves with laughter.
The Others which got a scream from Robert before the first scene even began. Sweet sleeping Nicole Kidman rouses from a dream and lets out a startled noise and Robert let's out the biggest scream yet. Then some stupid man behind him screams. By this time, I can't stop laughing and the friends we were with were in tears and embarassment (tho they had been warned). I just wanted to follow the story line. Pam and Ken wouldn't leave the theater at the end until there was no one else left.
Jagged Edge which was only seen on a TV version late at night but when Jeff Bridges breaks through the kitchen door, out came the longest and loudest scream. It was summer, windows were open and suddenly every dog in the neighborhood was barking, you could hear doors opening all around us. I hit the lights and collapsed on the floor...the someone would call the cops thinking we were being killed.

I could add an 8th item...altho I shouldn't. He's a MEEEEEEEEEECHIGAN fan! Do not ask me why, particularly since we live in OHIO. He's married to a Buckette, and his son and daughter-in-law attends OSU. But he has the nerve to own and wear a MEEEEEEEEEEEEECHIGAN sweatshirt. Maize and Blue....He and they call it. I call it CORN and blue.


Hank said...

Thats some pretty great stuff about robert. I too am a Michigan fan and love maps!

Lin said...

loved hearing more about robert. he was always the quieter younger brother that went on a mission, got married and disappeared to Ohio for some unknown reason....

amy said...

item #7 on this post had my husband and i cracking up laughing so hard last night! i was crying it was so funny. i haven't laughed that hard in so long...my stomach muscles were getting a workout. we figure when we're in Cleveland next we need to catch a movie with you two and experience this first hand. (i'm assuming you know my mother-in-law Charlene...i found your blog from Nikki's blog).

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