Monday, January 28, 2008

Instant Communication

Today is an interesting day. If you read many LDS bloggers you will be reading much about the death of our beloved Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley...who died last night in his home, surrounded by his family. 97 years young and wonderful in so many ways. Because Robert played the organ for the Columbus Temple dedication, I enjoyed the fruits of being able to sit next to Robert as he sat at the organ and we had such a close up view of this amazing man. But to finally be given peace, after 97 years of service and dedication, to be able to rejoin his wife, is a blessing in and of itself. We have a much more casual and personal picture hanging in our family room, near Robert's desk. And it's often that I have dusted that frame and considered a life well-lived, a gospel and a people well-loved and wondered how anyone gets to that point. How do I, when surrounded by everyday mortals with more than everyday foibles.

But because President Hinckley was 97 we all expected this announcement. But what plays out in my mind since last night is how fast the news spread in today's modern day of communication. We received the first phone call from Linda. Then her daughter sent me an email, as I was calling my 5 children, requesting the information be emailed out to our church members. Then Sophia calls and I have to tell her she's late this time. Sophia always lets me know what's happening in Utah. We sat in our various chairs/bed/desks. Flipping channels or surfing the web for actual proof of the report in written form. Almost immediately, Shellie responded to my email with thanks for the news and a reaching out in shock/stun/sadness.

This morning, more calls, more emails. This one from Michelle:
As simple as this may sound to you, immediately upon reading this I was filled with sadness, then just as quickly I was comforted by the sure knowledge that President Hinckley will now be able to continue the work without physical constraints - and that while we lost a great Prophet here on earth, the Lord won't allow us to flounder around without direction and He will choose another to continue to guide us and give revelation through. How great is it that! Another example of how much the Lord loves us. And another reason to be grateful.
Today there is so many negatives about phones, cell phones, the internet, pagers, wifi...and there can be so many more positives for these same items. But closer to each of us is the firm communication we can have with and through heavenly beings. Some of you might call it inspirations, some other may say intuition, or just lady luck. But I know that prayers are heard and answered, and answered often in ways that surprise us.

I am glad for telephone/cell phone towers, with satellite TV, computers with internet. I am glad for friends who can pick up the phone and share all the news that come into their lives. We are all one...all part of a huge picture and probably do not even realize it. I am grateful for those who reach out to me and take me in. For those who don't mind late night or early morning phone calls. I am grateful for a pulpit like this one...from which speak our prophets, seers and revelators. And today, through the life (reminded by the death) of our late prophet, I am literally propelled into action on many levels and hope you are as well. We have very little time left to put off what needs to be done, for disregarding the counsels we have received. Today we must work while the sun shines...and often after it has set. So set your course on a sure foundation and forward, onward...ever onward.

Wood from President Hinckley's own tree, made this pulpit...and long will his spirit be felt and seen as we touch and feel this lovely piece.


Lin said...

we heard the news about 8:30 pm in Utah when the Hallmark movie was interrupted by breaking news. It seemed sudden and unexpected yet we were comforted that it was a release from 97 well lived years and an opportunity for Pres. Hinckley to be with his beloved wife Marjorie. A well lived life and example for all of us to emulate.

Emily said...

A great post, thanks. My cousin (2nd cousin) actually designed and built that pulpit and my sister has a little extra piece of it.

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