Friday, January 04, 2008

Holidays 2007

Below this entry you will see a slide show of pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some photos we took, others our family members shared with us ... but here's how the holidays went in summary.

Thanksgiving: Barretts and Kennedys and Christensens stayed in their own homes and we missed them but understand that you can't be everywhere, you can't always go home, much as we want them and much as they might want to come. But Trefethens came from Atlanta and it was great. McElroys came down from MI and New Hatch Batch came up from Columbus later that night. Marissa and Hank brought along their Wii and we all enjoyed playing. I had never fried a turkey before, had always wanted to, and with Hank's encouragement and major help we did so. It was a lovely weekend and we still marvel at home much we have to be grateful for.

Christmas: It all seemed to come in a rush. Several parties, not a lot of snow. I am a firm believer that the children need to be in their own homes and beds for Santa to come. Trefethens went to Texas this year and Kennedys and Barretts and Christensens stayed home so we figured it would be a bit lonely. That was so not the case. The week of Christmas turned out to be a full filled week with lots of traveling.

Jordan and Hillary had planned to come up on the 25th and go back the same day since they both had to work on Wednesday. Instead they called to be sure we were still doing the Midnight Thing, as Jordan phrased it. We after they were done celebrating with the Kinkeads on the 24th they arrived and it was so good to see them and have them here. Robert read The Littlest Angel (without crying) and Jordan read Luke 2. We ate hearty on Wednesday, Jordan helped Robert put together a lovely teak bookcase Robert gave me for Christmas and then the New Hatch Batch returned to Columbus. Since Bonpapa was spending a couple of days with his daughter, Paula, Robert and I decided to spend a couple of days in MI, since it's close.

We bundled up the dog after NHB left and off we went. It was lovely to spend a day and a half with the Barretts and Niko proved to be an excellent car rider as well as an excellent house guest. We had lots of good food, had a great time attempting to put together a puzzle the Kennedys had sent the Barretts (which was their theme for this year...all the sibs got puzzles). All too soon it was Thursday morning and we needed to head for home since Christensens were due to arrive that afternoon. I think we might have been 30 minutes away from Barretts when my cell phone rang and Dawn said that Ken and the kids wanted to know if they could come down to Ohio...the next day..especially since Dawn hadn't met Scarlett yet. We were stunned but thrilled to pieces.

Christensens didn't get here until Thursday night, having painted their house til late. So they were here with lovely Scarlett and Guy. Then the Barretts arrived. And it was so much fun! Lots of kids, lots of toys, lots of food. Jocelyn made a White Chili dinner on Friday and on Saturday I fried another turkey. I love fried turkey! The Christensens left after dinner on Saturday and things were a bit quieter. Dawn and Ken brought down their Wii, this time, and we all enjoyed playing it. What a fun game system and I have never been one to even like TV games.

Sunday was church with the Barretts, dinner and then they returned home. Whew! What a holiday. It was amazing and so much fun. So grateful we are for all our blessings and for the Savior who was born to die for us.


Lin said...

enjoyed your slide show, wow did you have lots of family around...we only managed to see dan and family out of eight kids between the both ofus. Allen has 4 dgs and i have 4 sons...and 21 grandkids total but they are spread all over nm to calif to seattle to utah.

Dawn Mercedes said...!

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