Thursday, January 24, 2008


Death has always intrigued me. I love playing piano pieces that deal with death...including the Fumeral March of the Marionette which was Alfred Hitchchock's theme music. I think I've learned to deal with death quite well and probably that's what led me to being a hospice worker/volunteer for 8 years. There's a peace the attends the concept of death...unless I'm thinking of my own.

As some of you know, for the past 2 months I've worked myself up over a procedure I had done on Tuesday (which turned out to be perfectly fine and normal) which included incredible dreams and nightmares and a 'standing still' to my normal thoughts and life. You've read about my fascination and love of the section of the final HP book where Harry faces death and wonders about it as he walks. Well, this past week, I caught an old episode of 7th Heaven. Dialogue went along these lines:

Stevie...a dying young boy being cared for by the oldest Camden, Matt. "What is dying like?"

Matt..."I think about it sometimes. I think it's kinda like when you're little and you're sick and your parents take you and put you in their bed and then you wake up....and you know you're not in your bed. But then it just takes a second and you realize where you are and that you're OK. I think it's like that."

Me? I think it might be like that. I hope it is.


Nikki said...

Interesting thoughts. . I hope it is like that too. Oh and I love Seventh Heaven.

Emily said...

I always loved sick days when I got to lay in my parents bed. So comforting. I'm with you-let's hope for this.

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