Wednesday, January 30, 2008

DEATH part 2

Don't you hate it when a title for another blog entry from me says "death"? Well, it's still on my mind. More today than ever before. A woman in our ward died last week and due to the very few family she has ..... aaaaaa ......... indecision, grief, inexperience.........she still hasn't been laid to rest. She is to be cremated. I had a great uncle who worked in a crematory and I remember the stories. So I was surprised to learn that people are clothed when they are laid to rest in that manner. I didn't know that.

Yesterday I took Kitty with me and we were able to say a final goodbye and prepare her for this. It was a rather quiet time, no ---more of a solemn time. Things I figured would be my funeral shroud were now Bernice's. That was a bit of a chilling moment, a moment that I could not explain yesterday but it came to me today while emailing Colleen. I remember when Lil's husband was dying of cancer and they held a celebration of his life, a funeral service and dinner that he participated in. I loved the idea. And when he died, he was just laid to rest...the fanfare was over. I think I'd like that.

I also learned from Colleen over the phone yesterday, that there's such a thing as GREEN ZONES in certain states. I have to find a Green Zone for me when it's my time. A green zone is an area designated for burials and they do NOT require a cement vault to put the casket into. That whole cement vault has bothered me. What are they protecting? The spirit has gone on to the next realm...only the unneeded physical body is left. What are they preserving? I want to just go the way of the earth.

My friend Ken, the carpenter/craftsman, has promised to build me an old time Tombstone coffin...just wood. No fancy lining (pink, blue, velvet, satin? they always ask) We have joked that I can use it for Halloween until the time comes when I will need it. So I hope he gets started on this soon...he's not getting any younger and neither am I. But that will be perfect in a Green Zone, don't you think?

Now to Colleen. Many of my readers don't know her but they will, or they should. As we talked about the decomposition of the body, ashes to ashes, dust to dust...Colleen commented that the next time someone calls me a dirtbag I should gleefully say, "Thanks!" because that's what we all are in the end...or what we will become.

BUT UNTIL THEN...I think I need to be less of a dirtbag, more a do-er; less of a body, more of a gentle spirit.


Lin said...

hi, i think you are reading too many stephen king's books. although the experience you describe is pretty intense as death always is. isn't it a law that a body if not cremated has to be embalmed? i somewhat agree with not having the cement vault and from my aunt and uncle's funeral, it seemed strange as they locked the casket's lids down.

another thing that bugged me was all the makeup they put on the corpse's both male and female i guess to make them look young and healthy? but it looks so strange and you don't recognize the person you knew when they were living. i know my mom looked so much younger....well, now you've got me thinking about death also...

we have bought our cemetery lots and outlined our obituaries and programs but haven't purchased a mortuary plan yet.. it really helps the survivors as my mom had outlined what she wanted and took some stress out of a very stressful time. but for now let's focus on what can be done while we are still living for others. lin

Dawn Mercedes said...

I know about those natural cemetaries. I don't think that every state has least not when I first heard about them. You are placed into the ground and they write down the GPS location for future needs. I thought that would be a nice place to decompose too.

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