Monday, January 21, 2008


Have I ever mentioned that when children grow up, wise up, they also 'fess up? They do. And this morning I learned how another piece of our lives was broken. In the recent past, I was told how the kids behaved while we might have been away. The FHE assignment "house" was taken down and I was shown where it had been broken, glued back and never told. The same day I was shown my favorite yard stick...same scenario.

This morning I was talking with Jocelyn and she heard a noise. She continues talked as she walked up the steps. Then I heard a gasp, not really screams but definite whimperings. Then the phone went dead. I waited, sure that I'd get a call back and I did.

2 year old Guy had decided to climb his dresser, which toppled over, landed on top of him and broke. He's fine but the dresser isn't. I commented, how did I have 5 kids and no one climbed anything. And then I learned at least one of them did....Jocelyn.

Seems that when either Marissa or Jordan were infants, in the crib, and altho Jocelyn had been warned to NOT CLIMB up onto or into the crib, apparently she did. The side that goes up and down fell and she wondered if I had noticed that at some point it was broken. How unusual! I always wondered how the one side wouldn't work as well as it had. But it was a crib that 4 of my 5 kids used, I assumed it was just worn out. That's what moms get for assuming.

So we chalk up one more explanation for broken things. Makes me wonder how many more I will learn about before I die.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

You didn't even mention that it really hurt my leg when the railing gave weigh underneath me and scraped my wee legs! I learned that lesson the painful way...and away without a scratch this morning! Thank goodness!

gremhog said...

Oh jocelyn...way too funny...WAY too funny! i sure do love you. let's see who else 'fesses up here.

Emily said...

I love this! I know there are a few things I think I still haven't told my parents about. Also, thank you for yesterday's post. I tend to not "broad cast how I feel" all over my house either but this picture is a good and calming reminder about where we can find peace. Good even on the days when I haven't encountered mean people but just the crazy chaos of three young boys. Thanks again.

Lin said...

Every once in a while something will slip out when my older sons are together that makes me gasp...there's lots I don't know about and don't want to know...

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