Sunday, December 30, 2007

don't read if RASTY cartoons bother you

In 1968, while at BYU, Robert had a dorm friend who was into Playboys. He found this funny 1968 standards...and shared it with me. I photocopied it and it was kept in a very old cookbook. But in the past little while, when I've gone to find it, I couldn't. Turned out I kept it in a very old Better Homes and Garden Cookbook which I had given to Dawn a few years ago. She mentioned it this past week, having come across it amongst all the other recipes I had left in the book. I still find it totally amusing and I know...I know...I shouldn't. But I do. I'm going to add it here because I do still find it funny ... particularly in light of the current NEED to alter words to famous old Christmas Songs.

I went to one of our elementary schools to see my Miss June in the Christmas program they had prepared. I was thrilled that we could actually sing Christmas hymns. I was happy there was a sing-along at the end and joyfully joined it. When we got to Deck the Halls, I sang the song as I have always sung it...only to discover I was the ONLY ONE singing the words that accompany this cartoon. Everyone else had the "new and improved" words. Too bad! It made it all the funnier.

So if you've read this far and want to stop is the time.


Lin said...

ha ha ha, took a while but I got apparel. What are the new and approved words?

Nikki said...

Thats funny!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Hehe...always need a good laugh when it's time to make dinner!

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