Thursday, November 15, 2007


I noticed I had a comment on my last entry from a woman in the new Yahoo Knitting Group to which I belong. She commented on the spinach and our similarity in reading Stephen King. that brought about a memory which I don't think I've blogged.

You all know that Stephen King's stories do not frighten me altho on a grey foggy fall afternoon years ago, having just finished The Langoliers, I was spooked enough to decide to not go the basement to get the needed dinner ingredients from the pantry. but the Knitorious Mrs. B reminded me of Redrum! Redrum!

A few years ago, a man in our church was assigned to give a talk. At the time his wife was on bedrest because of pregnancy difficulties. He related how as he was getting dressed for church, his wife was just going on and on about his socks and tie. But all he could hear her say was, Redrum! Redrum!

Wouldn't you one else laughed but me. No one in our church would dare to read Stephen King I guess. No one seemed to know the reference but me. And I had a delightful moment of glee...thinking of how Stephen King had just been quoted from the pulpit. To this day, this moment, I smile when I think about that moment.

Thanks Greg!


Emily said...

So my computer is finally back on-line and I am happy to be once again enjoying your blog. Although, sorry to say, I have no idea about the Redrum thing. Since I was a kid I scare easy, probably left over from the "golden arm" story my dad used to tell the kids at bedtime with the freaky voice. I'm sure there are some freudian issues there. Anyway, especially now with Chris away several nights a week I have to be careful what I allow my imagination to get it's greedy little hands on. Loved your post anyway, loved the past posts I have missed, and still love Burger Time! P.S. Hope you are feeling better!

Randall Bott said...

I've only read a few of his books, Insomnia, Firestarter, Cujo and Gerald's Game. The one of his I'm most impressed with is On Writing. I read that every nine months or so. Every writer (or blogger) should pick it up.

marissa said...

you were scared of the basement after reading langoliers because the BASEMENT is SCARY and HAUNTED!!!! i'm telling you....

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