Monday, November 12, 2007

Bill Cowher resigned after 15 seasons as the Steelers' coach on January 5, 2007, just 11 months to the day after winning 2005-06's Super Bowl XL (and yes I am a Steeler fan!). At North Carolina State University, Cowher was a starting linebacker, team captain, and team MVP in his senior year. He graduated in 1979 with a bachelor's degree in education. And his coach was? Lou Holtz. In that book I was hoping you would read or listen to (Lin gets the first prize but there are more prizes to be had if you will read and share with me your thoughts), Coach tells a great story about Bill.

The team had certain rules, many of which you will enjoy reading about. Coach learned that Bill had violated one of them...he had fallen asleep in a study hall. Coach calls Bill and asks him if he did sleep instead of studying. Bill admitted he had. How long? he was asked. 20 minutes said Bill. So the coach said he had to run every day for a certain amount of time. Bill ran without anyone to check on him. Then a holiday break came in the school year. Bill was on his own. He didn't have to run. No one would ever know...But Bill would know, and Bill figured Coach would find out. So he ran the full discipline. That's the sort of man Bill Cowher was. I liked that story for many reasons...including the fact Bill Cowher coached the Steelers (who yesterday beat the Browns again this season, yay!) but there's a lot of unspoken virtue in many parts of this story.

Toward the very end of the book, Coach lists 4 things which we all need in order to be happy:

1. Something to do

2. Someone to love

3. Something/a god of some kind to believe in

4. Something to look forward to

On Lin's blog, she challenges her readers to answer those same questions in the comment area. I had fun doing that. And figured I would give it a try. Would you answer these, because I know you, my consistent readers, are happy people, successful and kind.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

I like this!

1. Something to do: Take care of my family, write stories

2. Someone to love: My family, my friends

3. Something/a god of some kind to believe in: the gospel of Jesus Christ

4. Something to look forward to:
This has always been a big one for me! I definitely believe this. I accomplished a lot, because I always needed something to look forward to...a challenge to overcome, a goal...the promise of fun things to come that get you through the difficult nows...the weekend, the holidays, the moment the cookies come out of a hot oven that makes up for all the work that you did to lead up to it! I look forward to every day with my babies, to seeing what they will do and learn. And for people who believe in the afterlife, that is the ultimate thing to look forward to...the thing that makes this life make sense!

Lin said...

well, thanks for the free advertisement for my my answers to these questions there. Lin

heather said...

1. Help the kids at work. And when I come home, not wanting to go back and do it again: read good books, cook good food, create things to give to other people.

2. Sam, my family.

3. A loving Father in Heaven, and a Savior, Jesus Christ.

4. Baby number one!

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