Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Boogey Men or Blustery Day

Our Fall as become a wild Fall the past 3 days. So much wind and noise. Naturally, Puppy Niko is a bigger scaredy cat, um, I mean dog, than Robert is. Between being fearful of the wind and the blowing leaves, he's also always on the edge of freezing to death. "Out!" never lasts long...just long enough to take care of the necessity.

But for 2 days now I have heard someone trying to get in the house. It spooks me which is odd cuz so few things do spook me, not even Stephen King as most of you know. But I have had the phone close to me at all times....just in case I needed to make a 9-1-1 call fast! Even in the middle of the night I am sure someone is trying to get in the door. Last night I even thought I smelled smoke or fire. There was none but again this morning, those noises.

Late morning, I am bribing Niko to "out" with treats, and stand in the middle of the backyard to be sure he does his chore. When suddenly I heard a strange noise and looked up to the roof of the house and was shocked to find the Boogey Man.

We purchase this house and moved here in September 1976. For some of you faithful readers what you are about to see may seem strange. To my old friends, you'll know what it is. This is called an antenna.

This piece of equipment was used to gather TV and shortwave waves or whatever they are called. Long before the popularity or even availability of cable, in order to receive a good TV picture you would need one of these. Of course, everyone had rabbit ears on their TVs but this was much better. The people who lived here before us loved their shortwave and/or CB radios and I gather everything was hooked up to this. It's quite a huge one, based on the ground and extending beyond the roof. Back in the good ol' days, we could even get Canadian TV stations on clear nights if we rotated the antenna to the north, Toledo to the West. But cable arrived at our house and then satellite. But the antenna stayed put. Til today. If you know anything about antennas you know that this picture is not a good picture. The top of the pieces has broken off and is dangling by a cable. And this is rubbing against, acutally banging against the roof...hence the noises I feared. I called Robert and supposedly he will come home and remove it even though he is afraid of heights. I would do it in a heartbeat but I have no strength. So I will stand below and make sure he doesn't fall off the roof and attempt to guide the antenna to the ground safely.

The best part of this? Finally Robert can get rid of the whole thing and install a wood burning stove in that spot. I think he's most happy. And for him, anything!


Anonymous said...

interesting how things that bring fear to us, aren't fearful when understood. hmm...maybe the book is rubbing off on me. just kidding. lin awaiting her prize anxiously while reading away in southern utah
ps soon i'm going to find a photo and get a name on this blog

Dawn Mercedes said...

smores...here we come!

Nikki said...

we had an antenna at our house growing up. We used to climb it to get on the roof, much to our mother's dismay.

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