Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I finished my family newsletter yesterday...a little late but who really cares. First I don't know why I keep doing this newsletter but I do. Second, I didn't have much to write about so I wrote about aprons. My family will have already read this so I won't repeat it all.

Except to say that during the past month, Domonkas Library held a really great presentation on APRONS. Now that would be of interest to me, and very few other, more modern women today. But I had a lovely hour+ learning and seeing aprons from as long ago as the Civil War. For the most part, I knew what the woman had to say because I come from a long line of APRON-WEARERS and am one myself.

There are day aprons, reversible aprons, cobbler aprons, bib aprons, pinafore aprons, mourning aprons, servant apronts, clothespin aprons (have to make me one of those soon). Some have been knitted or crocheted (and being able to do both, I cannot imagine anyone putting that much effort into an apron..and you'd better not splash on me if I were to be wearing one. In the 60s the aprons became as psychedelic in coloring as the 60s were with music....all light and crazy.

I have plans to make some aprons. It was to have been a surprise for my kids but I decided it would be good to give them fair if they had no intention of wearing what I would make, they could let me know and I would skip them and move on to someone who would appreciate a good, new apron. Until recently I still had the first apron I made in 7th grade Home Ec class. It was a great apron. I hadn't worn it in years and the fabric was pretty rotted. I debated throwing it away, then talked sternly to myself about keeping STUFF, and tossed it. Now I regret that. I have aprons from my mom and that's a nice remembrance of her.

The picture at the top is part of my collection of aprons which I have worn often. Beneath this entry will be a picture of my grandfather's grandparents...and his grandmother is actually wearing an apron. The best thing I learned is that apron lengths followed the do so many other things in life. Interesting piece of info. I'd like to hear what you have to say about aprons in your life. Thanx.


Randall Bott said...

My first real girlfriend used to wear a pinafore apron. She was seriously cute.

Dawn Mercedes said... should post the entire article.

Ben McElroy said...

Why the newsletter? Because we like to keep connected with the rest of the family! By the way, do you take submissions? As for aprons, the Pacific Northwest Native American Raven stealing Fire/Light from uh...some other mythical character who's name I forgot..anyway, it really stands out to me. Where'd you get it?

linfloyd said...

i agree put in the whole article, it was good. say hello to ben, my only almost (hatch) nephew that i got to know a little as he lived with my son daniel while going to byu. hi from me.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Mom - I'm glad that I read that, because now I won't be making aprons for everyone for Christmas with the really cool fabric that I bought on sale last night! :) But I'll make something problem!

I remember wearing an apron to go to that father daughter dance thing at church when I was young. I think I helped make it, but I'm not sure. I should probably get an apron liek the one in that picture where she is all covered up, because you know who slobbers on me all day long! :)

Still haven't seen the newsletter!

Life Info Zone said...

hi Buddy
Simply lovely post!!Thanks for sharing.

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