Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The dream that starred in my sleep

I am going to write about a dream I had Monday night concerning my godfather and then tell of the events that followed...just for posterity...or for myself...or whatever...maybe I'll relate incidents about having Uncle Johnny in my life, tho my family knows them well. My daughter Jocelyn is our resident Shaman but I really didn't even need her to interpret it:

I had this very specific dream and during breakfast I told Robert I thought Uncle Johnny would be dying soon. Sooner than later…cuz let’s face it…he’s 87 and not well. But in the dream we all went to look at this (and this mobile home is the real part) mobile home in Elyria that I found for them. We got there, Johnny lie on the couch sleeping. I went to look around and loved the place. But there was a 2nd story and that concerned me. There were steps and in Johnny’s weakened condition I didn’t know how he would manage to go upstairs to bed/bathroom. So I decided I wanted to go up and see for myself. I asked permission of Mrs. Rauscher (the woman who in real life now owns the mobile home that’s for sale). Started up the steep stairs and was really concerned because it was steep but it was difficult for me to manage as the ceiling sloped down and I had to duck. But once upstairs it was spacious and nice, even had a sitting room, dining room with green upholstered chairs around the table, Lovely bed and bath. I went back down to report on this and Johnny said, I would like to see upstairs. So we got him up off the couch and then suddenly he just walked up the stairs, straight and young and never had to duck. And suddenly he was out of sight. That was the end of my dream.

Patsy called me yesterday and said Johnny had 3 sessions of therapy and we wouldn't see him much so not to bother coming out, as we had planned on doing.

I agreed reluctantly but continued continued cleaning my assignment for the day. Suddenly I had this awful nagging worry and an insistence that we needed to go. Called Patsy back and told her I was on my way but did not and have not told her about the dream...nor will I. Raced to get to her and sped along to the hospital...with this horrible feeling inside me, an urgency I have not felt too often (all the while telling myself I'm nuts to be this "over the top"). We walked into Hanna House and saw him in rehab. Chatted with him for a couple of minutes and with the rehab guy. Went up to his room to wait for him. That was about 10:40. Felt relief but still had this uneasy feeling.

Johnny comes into his room and within about 10 minutes, as he was sitting talking with us, had a stroke, probably a TIA but that's yet to be determined. It was the scariest thing. He had been telling us how weak his right hand was. His hand suddenly drops to his side and he uses the left hand to pick up the right. Patsy went to help put on the oxygen tubing and at the same time we both noticed a slackened face, mouth, and his talking became impaired. That was about 11:10.

Patsy ran to get a nurse, telling me to stand by Johnny, we were hustled to the ER and there the team of neurologists descended upon him in minutes. A whole lot of testing was done and he finally got admitted to the Lerner Tower at 6:00. Then there's all that stuff that goes on for admittance. I took Patsy home by way of a restaurant/dinner about 7:30. A long, long day.

Well, Uncle Johnny did not die...not yet. And for that I am grateful. But it was a very frightening moment. But throughout all the long hours I wondered first about the dream I had and mostly about the urgent feeling that continued to transmit itself to me until I made the decision to go and started on my path. Wherever you personally think these urgent promptings come from, I encourage you to act on them even if you never find out why you had them. Some things are better left unknown. But be assured, if you do find out why be grateful to the good that you listened and acted.


Dawn Mercedes said...

Great dream and lesson!

Max and Deborah said...

Wow what a dream. I too have intense dreams sometimes. I remember my mission president told me to pay attention to my dreams. I also can appreciate those urgent feelings to do something. I am proud of you for acting on them. I think it is normal to wonder if they are related, but I am so glad that you were there to help with your godfather Johnny.

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