Friday, September 21, 2007

BHS Homecoming '07 kids are grown, and married, and we are still at the high school football games working. But on this one game each year, my kids come with me in my heart....and on my shirt. Thanks HatchBatch. You were wonderful. You filled those years with activities and pleasures and touching moments. And although you aren't physically with us you will never know how "real" you are with us....not until you are in my stage of life. You ARE wonderful...STILL. And I am so grateful that you were sent to our home, to our lives, to our parenting. We were so blessed! And still are!


marissa said...

Thanks, ma!!! You're not too shabby yourself!

Ahh, memories...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

B-H-S is BEST....oh, YES!

or i SHOULD say, "Mom and Dad are BEST....oh, YES!"


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