Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Star Randall

If you, my Readers, have followed me the past year, you have read or perhaps even gone to visit my friend's blog, Randall...of the least best fame. Randall is my friend as well as my UPS driver. I think everyone on his route claims him as their own UPS driver. He's courteous, incredibly smart, and always willing to serve/help people in need...and I had better add...a bit of a wise acre (don't want to make him sound too perfect).

I cannot tell you how often he has come to my aid...sometimes within in minutes.

Well, we've missed seeing him on the route for some time now. His birthday was last Friday and I figured he might have taken a whole block of vacation weeks to enjoy being 51. Not so. Seems the Big Brown Dumbies, UPS handlers, mistakenly marked a package at 36 pounds but it turned out being 60+ pounds more. And what happens when you lift a package you think is 36 pounds and it's so much more? Of course...injury! Randall has ruptured disks, enjoyed the drug Vicodin, and had some big time therapy.

So I ask you, you kind Readers, who leave me comments and encourage me in this stupid little blogging adventure...please visit Randall at his blog: and on the left side, under the picture, you will see a spot that says, Email me. Please do. Please wish him a speedy recovery. Please entertain him with memories you might have of stupid people (I know he will enjoy that topic!). Talk to him about chess, music, banjo, singing, computers. Those are or have been favorite subjects of his. Read his blog and enjoy the ride.

But above all...send him your thoughts for a thorough recovery....just don't make it too fast. He needs more banjo practice time.

Now... do not let me down. It would be nice if he got to know I actually do have readers to my blog. Thanx.


Randall Bott said...

You are too kind. The package in question was labeled as 36 and weighed in at 90 lbs. At 51 it is a little harder to recover. Thanks for the warm thoughts.

Barb said...

poor guy.. Sent him a note!

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