Thursday, August 16, 2007

Death and funerals and Elvis

Today I attended 2 funerals...buried an uncle and a neighbor. Rather fitting on the 30th anniversary of Elvis' think about death so much. I will write more about the day's events later. But for now I'll concentrate on Elvis. At this evening's funeral the first song sung by the organist/soloist was "How Great Thou Art". Funny...that. There I sat not thinking about Bill...but smiling about Elvis. I can't wait to ask Bill's brother if it was chosen for that reason.

We sing that hymn in our church, too. And every time we do, I think of Elvis...and then of the time I was the organist and when playing that song managed to add a run during the "roll of thunder" line....just as in Elvis' rendition. This woman smiled at me, wagged her finger at me, and said, "I heard that!"

Well, I still hear Elvis.

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Anonymous said...

you are a real true blue elvis fan, i never liked his music but loved the beattles a few years later. guess who?

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