Monday, August 20, 2007


IS THERE EVER AN END TO CHOCOLATE THOUGHTS? I am trying to get my puppy to go "out" in a terrific rain storm which is supposed to be ongoing all day...and maybe all week (there goes the county fair!). Niko won't budge so I decided to check out responses to various blogs. And my friend, Lynda (aka Belladonna) sent me this wonderful link

You can see the other sculptures he has done but I will save you the trip if you only want to admire Milton Hershey and cows sculptured in chocolate.

I always wonder why people have to poo-poo a good thing, or insist on bringing up some unhappy thought when all we really do need to do is just accept a comment and move on. Now I am sure my other friend, Linda with an "i" not "y" is going to read this and think I am mad, I'm not...just a comment.

Was at a BBQ Saturday night. A young couple there is hoping to be selected as house parents at the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, PA. While that discussion was going on, praising Milton for his life's work, the issue of Hershey outsourcing their chocolate arose. Robert even had read the article. I said I felt that Hershey would still be making chocolate, that's what we heard on the tour last month. That concept was questioned. And I was sad. For many reasons.

I went home and checked online what's being said. and yes, Barry Callebaut will supply Hershey with 80,000 TONS of chocolate every year. This is going to benefit both companies. Barry gets more into America...Hershey's gets more into the world market.

In the fiscal year ended 31 August 2006, Barry Callebaut had sales of about CHF4bn (€2.4bn), and it currently operates in 23 countries worldwide. Hershey claims to be the largest North American manufacturer of high quality chocolate and sugar confectionery products with revenues of nearly $5bn (£3.6bn).

Do I think Hershey's chocolate will change? I certainly do NOT. Will it? I do not know. But I am just naive enough to know that I will always cling to the dream that Milton Hershey endorsed. Do I care if Hershey outsources it? Not really. America has outsourced our whole economy. Nothing, not even Ford or TVs, is American anymore. And yes that's sad. And yes, that's going to be our downfall faster than most people think. so while the leaders of industry, politics, government sell us by outsourcing, I will sit and eat my Hersheys until and if it changes flavor.

Yesterday my friend Robin called from California where she's been caring for her mom who had foot surgery. Robin also enjoys Hersheys but she enjoys Sees candy as well and has promised me some Sees candy when she comes home. I remember eating Sees when I was at BYU....but best of all I loved their orange sticks covered with milk chocolate. I was told they aren't made anymore. I found similar orange sticks at the Lodi Outlet store and savored those 3 sticks I bought bite by bite.

So...whether Hershey outsources or not, Hersheys will always remain my favorite...the company that dropped chocolate by planes in WWII, the company that put education into young boys and now girls. Thank you, Milton. And to Richard Lenny, chairman and president of Hershey, good luck...but please keep the taste that I love.

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Barb said...

I'm glad Scottie likes to go out in the rain.. just not in the grass.. hehe. But I don't. I'm sick of walks in the rain.. majorly sick of it!!

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