Monday, July 30, 2007

A Review of last week...the beginning

Where else would we start but at the beginning. Our friends, Pam and Ken, are absolutely amazing. They are so much like us in so many ways and in the rest? Well, they are the total opposite but someone we, like the laws of whatever, attract. Ken was determined that this vacation was for Robert to be one without any sort of stress and so he did ALL the driving. Robert sat up front with him and admired everything going by.

I sat in the back with Pam and we talked until she noticed me nodding off and then it all got really quiet. They teased a few times about how on Monday, first day, we both seemed to hit the wall ... no stress, no needs, no nothing ... and we would just fall asleep. Just little cat naps. But when I'd awaken I'd find a totally silent car. Sorry friends...but thanks for the chance to sleep.

We drove into PA, found a nice motel and rested. Snacks along the road, good food when we stopped. The boys took advantage of whatever pools they could find on the first few days. Tuesday we headed straight for Herhey, PA. And oh my...even the mulch smelled like chocolate.

As anyone who knows me, knows I love Hersheys. You can have all the European, pricey chocolate in the world. For me, they all pale in comparison to Hersheys.

When I was young, I would buy a Hershey bar...plain, no nuts...set it on the dashboard of the car in summer, or lay it by the heat register in winter til it melted. Then I would slurp the chocolate off the silver inside wrapper. Sadly, can't do that anymore since Hershey stopped double wrapping the chocolate.

My all time favorite, before bed snack is a Hershey bar, a bag of Lay's potato chips, and a tall, cold drink of milk. Wow! Now that's heaven. These days, as I count points for my own version of Weight Watchers, that bedtime snack is no more. But I can dream. I can remember. It's almost as good.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Or some days you could eat nothing and still have your favorite bedtime snack at night! LOL

Cool picture of you four!

Dawn Mercedes said...

sounds great! can't wait for more tidbits about your trip. Love the pix.

Belladonna said...

Are you familiar with the FOOD SCULPTURES that Jim Victor does? One is a life size sculpture of Milton Hershey carved out of what else...solid chocolate.

Nita said...

How funny--you sound just like Chad. No matter how much I try to persuade him otherwise, he'll never be convinced that there is anything better than Hershey's plain milk chocolate. Now I see where he gets his palate from!

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