Tuesday, July 10, 2007



Last night we finally were able to see the movie, Breach...about the biggest US spy, Robert Hanssen. It's odd that we would get the movie just now when I have been contemplating people who lie.

I have always said I can put up with just about anything in a friend EXCEPT A LIAR. I don't care if my friends have totally different ideas or politics or even morals than I do. As long as they do not lie to me. That I cannot and will not tolerate.

So why did this FBI agent for 25 years sell incredible US information to the Russians? Why would he expose at least 50 operatives? and 3 of them were known to have been killed by the Russians? Besides money, was it the thrill? Was he a meglomaniac? It was a very enjoyable, altho sad movie...and sad commentary on a man's life.

When we first moved to SL, I met a woman who was very gracious in welcoming us, inviting us to dinner. And oh the stories she could tell. And they all sounded so real. And to a young mother, with young children, I was worried about some of the people she talked about who lived within a block of me. She had a passable voice and I accompanied her several times as she sang. Sadly, I learned that she was one of those pathological liars. And she finally went off the deep end and now lives a very sad, miserable life.

Another couple we met loved their secrets and covered all with lies, as well. They had money and prestige and a family well respected. But no foundation to any of it. And they, too came to a sad end.

Another man I know has basically lived his whole life as a lie. He has pretended to be something he wasn't. And oh, like the other 2 instances, covered himself so very well. But his actions have deeply injured his family and himself. Try as he does to correct the past, it doesn't play out because everyone just remembers the lies. And we are suspect of any comments and actions he may make.

So what is it that makes some people lie and some people honest, even honest to a fault which can be just as destructive? Is there a lack somewhere, a need to be more than we are? Or is it just to be mean and hateful? How far do you go to trust a liar? Have you met any in your lives? And how do you handle the BREACHes of trust that you have experienced?

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Barb said...

OH! We heard the interview about Breach on NPR.. was it good??? Sounds like a good one!

So sorry to hear about your parent's dog.. how sad.. :(

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