Friday, February 23, 2007


Most people who read my blog are not stampers. But there's this marvelous weekend on, called VSN (Virtual Stamp Night), held periodically. And the one held in March (23-24)has coordinators who are Destination Divas. Under them are Vacation Vixens, ladies who present a specific challenge for stamping. People submit their challenges in the hopes of being picked.

Wonders of all Wonders, I was one of the Vixens selected. 3 Cheers.

Then there is this thing called Blog Candy...something else I just learned about. A couple of days ago I just decided to start blog candying my own girls but today, having been selected a Vixen, I decided to offer a Blog Candy that isn't just for stampers.

But this give away is not limited to just stampers or nonstampers. This is open to anyone who reads my blog and comments on which entry they liked the best.

Included in the Blog Candy Bag is: a garden frog musician, lotion, candle, Easter Bunny egg cup holders, twisty straws, colored paper clips, glass beads, note paper, studio K hardware, a Michaels' stamp, and a small forget-me-not pot to grow.

Give Away will end on February 28, announced on March 1st.

Happy Blogging:


Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

my favorite post was the one where you actually refered to other interactive blogs and one of the things you said was " I am amazed at all the talent and creativity and thoughts." I was one you listed and I just want to say "thank you" I smiled when I read it.

Nice Vixin idea!!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Way to VACATION VIXEN!! What a fabulous selection...something in there for everyone!

Cindy Keery said...

I like the post called Star Card with the frogs on the card. I think it's adorable!

Jocelyn said...

OF COURSE, I liked your ancestors blog entry which you wrote on your birthday, but that probably doesn't count! Gimme gimme some blog candy! LOL! Love you!

Jen said...

Here is a comment for your blog candy

Anonymous said...

I like your blog about "can a real friend be rude?" and the answer is "absolutely no." A real friend can be honest, but there is a line a real friend would NEVER cross and that my good friend, is a real friend would never be rude.

Blackstorm said...

I like the one with the beautiful gal who won your first ever blog candy, DawnMercedes.

Lori T said...

Love the garden frog. my favorite blog was the one about the ancestors. . . what can I say? I know Jocelyn.

Anonymous said...

Hi --it's Sheila, Jocelyn's friend. I like you blog site. A lot to look at. best of luck!---Sheila Cummings

Anonymous said...

your blog site is cool with lots to look at. great job in expressing yourself!
Sheila C---Jocelyn's friend! :O)

Steve said...

My favorite blog is "a gift of the ancestors," because I saw all the excitement Jocelyn felt as she collected these stories about the family.


mjb coffee said...

My goodness, I started reading your earlier posts and couldn't stop until I touched some wrong key and I ended up back at the beginning of your blog. I am feel so sorry for people who haven't read your blog; they are missing a most interesting, fun blog that occasionly has a recipe or menntions something that you would like the recipe. For example: You shared a photo of a yummy looking cake and didn't tell us what kind it was. Inquiring minds want to know. Was it a Pig Loving, Finger Licking Cake? I first thought my favorite was you telling about your love for stage plays, because I love them and the experience of going to the theater. Then I bonded with you when you said you like Chanel Number 5; as that is one of my favorites. When you mentioned canasta, I recalled my family playing euchre. There were four couples, including my parents that took turns hosting the monthly games. Their monthly games included all the families going; the children would play together and some ended up with children asleep on couches, and on beds filled with coats and a child . Then I saw the video clip of Jerome Musat, the mime, which is excellent and I had seen last year. People need to read your blog; I find it fascinating! READ THIS BLOG!!!!!

Emma Izzard - UK said...

Hello Susan

Its Emma All the way across the sea in England.

I love your blog on Valentines Day because it brought back memories of your lovely family and the kind and loving hospitality I got when I stayed with you.

I always remember your baking and the mini doughnuts and note you left me in my first lunch bag .
I actually still have the note with all my keepsakes.

Miss you loads


Renae said...

Hi Susan!

Yours is the first blog I have ever read and/or written to!

I feel like I know you a little better now after reading some blogs.
My favorite was the snow day/birth date thing. Although I was 7, I think I am a 6 (Romantic).

Have a great day!
Renae Marks

Leah said...

I just happened upon your site & am surely enjoying myself! I haven't read all of your blog entries yet, but I think my favorite so far is "When I "Met" a Star...Marcy Goldman". My husband also served a 2 year mission for our church - he went to Ireland (I am guessing you are also LDS?) I also love to cook & bake (I am still a beginner at 25 years old, 1 year married & no children yet) I was thrilled to explore the link to Marcy's site. Thanks again for sharing! :D

doverdi said...

I also like the entry "a gift of the ancestors" as I am a big genealogy bugg and have spent years researching my own family.
Thanks for the opportunity to win some blog candy. lol

smallpigpig said...

im gonna win it im gonna win it hahahahaha

Jim and Lisa said...

"Another Snow Day and Bored" was my favorite entry. My favorite thing about it is to learn that I am a "Nonconformist", as is my husband! (I'm a friend of Jocelyn's from State College.)

HANK said...

wow susan quite the stamping rockstar these days huh? no need to enter me in the drawing though, i wouldn't want to lessen everybody else's chances

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